Benefits of Exercise ...

Increased Life Expectancy 

Physically fit men are 53% less at risk of premature death than sedentary men and women, taking into account many risk factors including cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight, smoking, heart disease history etc. (Dr. Steven Blair, Dr, Harold W. Kohl, et al., "Physical Fitness and All-Cause Mortality," Journal of the American Medical Association, November 3, 1989).


Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

The risk inactive people run of suffering a heart attack is almost twice as great as that faced by active individuals.


Reduce Risk of Cancer

Men with physically active jobs are significantly less likely to develop cancer of the colon. Sedentary women run twice as great a risk of developing breast cancer as do active women.


Exercisers Are

50% more likely to quit smoking; 40% more likely to eat less red meat; 30% more likely to cut down on caffeine; 250% more likely to eat low calorie foods and drinks; 200% more likely to lose weight; 25% more likely to cut down on salt and sugar than non-exercisers. (Joel Guren, T. George Harris, "Look who's getting it all together." American Health, March 1985)


Reduce Mental Errors

"...mental performance after exercise was significantly better in the physically fit than in the non-fit. Fit workers committed 27% fewer errors on tasks involving concentration and short term memory as compared to un-fit workers" (Ergonomics, Hans Sjoberg, 1985)


Improve Decision Making

"Executives who work out regularly are actually better decision makers. Dr. Gavriel Salvendy (of Perdue University) tested decision making capabilities of 80 people over a nine month period of time. At the end of the test period, the fitness levels of the exercisers had risen 22% while the ability to make complex decisions had increased 70% over that of the non-exercisers." (Robert J. Brosner, Deborah L. Waldron, Health and high Performance, 1991)